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Hi, we're the Johnson family. 

We founded and run this site and program. Our family mission involves faith, family, friends, and fitness.

Tyson went from 18% body fat down to 8% body fat in 2004 and has maintained that year round ever since as a busy working professional dad. Cheri has given birth to three boys and has maintained her pre-pregnancy weight for years. Our clients have other great success stories.

But don’t take our word for it. Come and see for yourself. Create your own story. We’ll help you.

How we're different:

This isn't a short term crash diet. It's based on sound science. There's no products to buy. It's sustainable for life.

We put this 17 minute video together for dads, but the principles 100% apply to moms too. Scroll down for proof of that. 


Chris Dauge (client)

53 year old mom and grandma lost 10% of her body fat and has sustained that long term.


Amanda Hempel (client)

Busy mom of three and nurse lost 18 lbs and has kept that off for months, without any extreme dieting or crazy workouts.

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